WhatsApp will soon have more than 4 people on a group video or audio call

Of recent due to the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world, voice calls and voice calls have skyrocketed on social media. Remote working has lead to an increased use of ZOOM and Microsoft teams for online meetings and video conferencing.

But the online groups haven’t been left out in this new development. Apps such as Google’s Duo have already upped the maximum number of participants on a video call by 50%. It looks like Facebook plans on doing something similar with WhatsApp to avoid being left out.

Rumor has it that WhatsApp’s latest beta release will see an increase in the maximum number of people on a group audio and video call. Currently, the limit is four participants for WhatsApp group calls, way less than what other apps are accommodating.

In order to fully participate, everyone in the group call will need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on their devices.

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