Microsoft Build 2019: 5 Cool Things Microsoft Announced

Microsoft’s annual conference, Microsoft Build 2019 held yesterday Monday 6th, May 2019 in Seattle, Washington. As a cool kid, Microsoft delivered a number of notable announcements that cut across AI, cloud computing for developers, companies, and consumers alike.

Windows 10 is getting a Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal:

Developers this one’s for you. Microsoft revealed a new application called “Microsoft Terminal” a “graphics-processing and accelerated text,” for the command line.Also, Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE), Visual Studio is getting a new version that will offer a browser-based companion tool, as well as new features for remote workers. Also, upgrades are coming to PowerApps and Power BI.Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Search, Microsoft Graph, and APIs that provide access to data within Microsoft’s cloud products, including Office 365, are now rolling out to all users after a short preview period.

Microsoft Office 365 Fluid Framework:

Microsoft unvieled it’s “Fluid Framework” a new web-based model and platform for document creation. Microsoft 365 apps will soon be able to take advantage of a “Fluid Framework” which enhances collaboration like co-authoring documents. Multiple users can type into the same documents, interacting through native applications and web-based applications at the same time. Fluid is designed to make it seem as if users are working together on the same device.

Microsoft Chromium Edge
Microsoft unveiled the features for the new Edge Chromium browser. The first big addition is a new “IE Mode” for Edge that will allow businesses to load old sites directly in the new Edge Chromium browser, so businesses aren’t forced to directly use IE for ancient internal sites.
Microsoft Edge Chromium is also receiving a new feature called “Collections” This feature is designed for allow users to be able to gather text, images, and information from the internet into a note from the Edge Chromium browser. These notes can be interlinked into collections which can be referenced back to the original website where you found them.


Microsoft is also focusing on privacy enhancements to Edge. Edge will have a single privacy page that will allow you choose from three different levels of privacy – Unrestricted, Balanced, and Strict.

Do you think these new announcements will make users use Microsoft Edge products more often?Share your thoughts in the comment section

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