How YouTube’s $170million fine will affect Content Creators

Google was slammed with a $170 million fine to settle allegations that YouTube collects personal data on children without their parents’ consent, this fine is little when compared with the $5 billion fine against Facebook this year for privacy violations.

Big tech giants have been under serious scrutiny in the past two years with lots of questions on how they collect and use personal information from their billions of customers.

How will this settlement affect you as a content creator for kids?

  • Firstly, Google and YouTube will have to get consent from parents before they collect or use personal information from children. This consent will be verified.
  • Secondly, data such as what kids are watching, or personally identifying device information collected from children will not be used.
  • YouTube will also limit personalized ads on videos meant for kids. 
  • YouTube will turn off any personal tracking on those videos,and won’t offer features like comments and notifications.
  • Videos made for kids will not feature the targeted, personal ads that generally bring in the most money for video creators.

Its time to find a different platform to create content for kids, if you use YouTube.

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