For Those Who Do Not Know; Here is Why Taxify Rebranded to Bolt Globally

So lately, there has been a lot of misinformation as to why the popular ride hailing app “Taxify” rebranded. It’s even funny as even the drivers do not know why a service they are using to generate income for themselves rebranded. You hear stuff’s like “They have been sold to Nigerian owners”, or “Taxify has left Nigeria and its now been run by managed by Nigerians” as reasons for their poor great service.

(I am not here to rant about their service), I am here to educate you as to why they rebranded to “Bolt”, for those who do not know.

The rebrand in its name and vision to “Bolt” which means “Speed”came after talks of another round of funding to double down on providing multiple transportation options beyond private cars.

Recall Bolt raised money in May 2018, when it closed a $175 million round at a $1 billion valuation led by its CEO and cofounder Daimler. Currently, the ride hailing app has over 25 million users in 30 countries across Europe, Africa and other countries.

So yep that’s why Taxify rebranded to Bolt globally. For the next time someone asks…Meanwhile Bolt has Bolt For Business For Corporate Staff Transit

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