CcHub has acquired Kenya’s iHub to create mega Africa incubator.

Guys this is huge news. I have always been a fan of CChub and I am super excited on this huge development.

So CCHUB, Nigerian innovation center and seed-fund has acquired Nairobi based iHub.

These two power hubs will join forces to create Africa’s Mega Tech incubators. This was made through a confirmation by the CEO of CCHub, Bosun Tijani to TechCrunch.

Although, the purchase amount is yet to be disclosed, CcHub will finance the deal out of its real-estate project to build a new 10 story innovation center to replace its Herbert Macaulay Way building in Lagos.

Stay tuned to this platform for details on how the two entities will operate together.

“The names will stay the same…iHub will remain iHub…it is a strong brand…but iHub will be supported from the central CcHub, which will help them strengthen what they do,” he said.

Upon the acquisition, Tijani becomes CEO of both organizations, while Nekesa Were continues as iHub Managing Director. iHub’s existing programs will remain, according to Tijani, but CcHub will extend some of its existing activities in education, healthcare, and governance to Kenya.

CcHub will also use the iHub addition to expand its investment scope. “We’ll now have access to pipeline in Nigeria, Kenya, and Rwanda,” he said.

Co-Creation Hub (CCHUB) was founded in 2011 in Yaba, the tech center of Lagos State and has grown into a multi-faceted innovation center.

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