8 Useful Google Features You Should Try Out on Your Android Phone Now!!!

Hi guys, I bet you didn’t know that your android phone is more than just a phone, its a smartphone. It has lots of features you are yet to explore. So today I will be sharing 8 useful google features you should try out on your android phone.

Booking A Ride

Yeah, Guys, you can actually book a ride directly from your google maps feature. Here’s how to book a ride through your google maps app:

  • Log in to your google maps app,
  • Search for your destination.
  • Select directions, and scroll to the last option and select a ride.
  • You will see options for ride hailing apps like Uber and Taxify come up, depending on the apps installed on your device.
  • Select the app you want and book your ride.
  • You can will also see the traffic on your route and options to share your location and trip progress with your loved ones.

Split Bills with Your Friends

So if you go out with a couple of friends and you want to split bills equally to manage your expenses, Google Lens is there to your rescue. Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google. It is an incredibly useful tool that can identify objects and items found in an image. Google Lens will attempt to identify the object by reading bar-codes, QR codes, labels and text, then show relevant search results and information about the item. Here’s how you go about:

  1. Open the Google lens app and scan the receipt.
  2. Google lens picks up the text information in the receipt.
  3. The calculator function comes up and breaks down the total cost of items ordered in the receipt.
  4. Next, you enter in the number of people you want to split the total cost with.
  5. Google lens calculates and gives you the total each individual has to pay.

Popular Food Menu

You can also check out the popular menus and reviews of restaurants through Google Lens. This feature is especially useful when you visit restaurants that you don’t know how the food on menu items taste or looks like. Here’s how you to do this:

  • Scan the food menu with your google lens.
  • Enter in the name of the restaurant.
  • Google picks up the restaurant, identifies all items on the menu and gives you reviews from Google Maps.
  • You can see the least popular and most popular menu items to pick form.
  • If you tap on any menu item, google shows you a picture of the item.

Identify Songs

If you hear a song you like but you don’t know the name of the song or who sang it, and you do not have Spotify or Shazam installed on you phone, you can find out all you need to know about the song with google assistant. Here’s how to do so:

  • Press the google button on your phone.
  • Next say or type, “Hey Google what song is this”.
  • Google will search for the song and bring up all you need to know about the song and its artist.
  • You will also have the option to see the lyrics and watch the song on YouTube.
  • If you have Spotify or Shazam, google will also give you links to open the songs on those apps and save to your playlist.

Movies Showings Around

You can also know movies showing around you through the google assistant search bar. All you need to do is say or type “Hey Google, show me movies around” Google will automatically list all the movies showing in the different cinemas, show times, ratings and cost of the movies.

Find my Phone

If you are like me and you always forget where you keep your mobile phone, Google assistant will always be there to help you find your phone. (That’s why its an assistant right). All you need to do is use the “Find My Phone” feature on your google account. You can use the Google Home feature to this too.

  • Login to your google account.
  • Select the “Security” from the list of menus by the left.
  • Scroll down to your devices and select “Find a Lost Device” and pick the device you lost.
  • Google locates the device and gives you several options on what you can do to the device.

Pronounce Words Properly

If you have a difficult word you can’t pronounce properly, google is there to help you. I mean that’s why you have Google Assistant right!!! I will be using the word “Huawei” as an example to show you all you need to do:

  • Type “How to pronounce ‘Huawei'” into the search bar in google assistant.
  • Google searches the word and brings out the result on the correct pronunciation with videos
  • I bet you didn’t know “Huawei” is correctly pronounced as “Wah-way”

Google Remembers

Guys this is my favorite. Have you ever forgotten you had to attend an event and remember when you see updates of that event online, and you go “Ugh, how did I forget about this !!!” Well, Say no more, google assistant can help you remember a lot of things, with these simple steps:

  • Open google assistant, type or say “Google remember to call my mom by 5pm”
  • Its automatically saved in your reminder.
  • Google assistant is sure to remind you by 5pm.

What more tricks can you do with your Android phone, share in the comment section below

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